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Welcome to SuperSpirit

A fantastically rich and creative camp that runs for 11 fabulous days, incorporating healing, dance, music, crafts, a multi-faith spirit forum, and much much more. The focus for the camp is creativity in all it's forms, and a chance for you to spend quality time with yourself and others.There is something for everyone of all ages, which all weaves nicely together to create an exciting, multi-layered
community camp.





RELAX in our blissful Healing Area

EXPRESS YOURSELF through Dance and Live Music

GET CREATIVE in our busy Craft Area

NURTURE YOUR SPIRIT in our MultiFaith Forum

Or simply KICK BACK and ENJOY the Colourful Ambiance of it all

With a dedicated CHILDREN'S AREA and TEEN TENT, the camp is a family - friendly space. 


Superspirit Weekend, 25th to 28th August

If you canít make it for the whole camp, the last
weekend of SuperSpirit is an event in itself,
showcasing many of the favourite activities of the summer, and a last chance to get a bit of summer magic
 to last you through the winter.

Come prepared to be recharged, revitalised, delighted and amused.

Arrive early on Friday for the Famous Tea dance at 5.
And donít forget your posh frocks, tuxedos and dancing shoes!


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